Crowns / Bridges

A dental crown (or cap) is a restoration that covers the visible surface of a tooth. They are typically used when a decayed, broken, or cracked tooth cannot be repaired alone by filling material. A crown is often recommended after having a root canal as well. Crowns are typically made of white material to match the surrounding teeth.

A typical crown procedure involves preparing the tooth by trimming down the top and side surfaces of the tooth so that the crown will fit over top. In some cases, a crown can be prepped in a single visit. Other times, impressions of the prepared tooth are sent to a lab until the permanent crown can be placed/bonded.

Bridges are a method used to replace missing or lost teeth, with the procedure being similar to that of the crown. They are useful when a patient is not a candidate for a dental implant. With a bridge, an artificial tooth is anchored to crowns on your natural teeth on either side.